CEDA Dredging Days 2017

Sustainable Dredging - Continued Benefits

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9-10 November 2017, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

For hundreds of years dredgers have been used to shape and manipulate the interface between land and water in order to support a variety of human activities. The list is long and includes navigation, coastal protection, flood risk management, water body restoration and remediation, as well as residential, commercial, agricultural and hydro-power development.

Dredging in marine, estuarine and freshwater environments affects the ecosystem and its  associated services to nature and humanity either in a positive or in a negative manner. New insights in the natural processes, in the potential impacts and benefits and new, adapted methods and technologies allow the modern dredging industry to provide sustainable solutions for developing and maintaining essential infrastructure, while securing the continuity of ecosystem services.

CEDA Dredging Days 2017 aims to demonstrate the sustainable character of modern dredging projects.


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Last update: 22 March 2017