CEDA Dredging Days Overview

Since CEDA was established in 1978, the following CEDA Dredging Days have been held:


2021 Rotterdam CEDA Dredging Days 2021
2019  Rotterdam  CEDA Dredging Days 2019
2017  Rotterdam  Sustainable Dredging - Continued Benefits
2015  Rotterdam  Innovative Dredging Solutions for Ports
2012  Abu Dhabi  Virtue, Venture and Vision in the Coastal Zone
2011  Rotterdam  Dredging and Beyond
2009  Rotterdam  Dredging tools for the future
2008  Antwerp  Dredging facing sustainability 
2007  Rotterdam  The day after we stop dredging - Dredging for infrastructure and public welfare
2006  Tangiers  Protection of the coastline "Dredging and sustainable development"
2005  Rotterdam  Dredging: The extremes
2003  Amsterdam  Specialist dredging techniques inspiring dredging solutions
2002  Casablanca  Dredging without boundaries
2001  Amsterdam  Dredging seen
1999  Amsterdam  Dredging challenged
1997  Amsterdam  New developments in dredging equipment and technology
1993  Amsterdam  Experience of the application of research results to dredging practice
1991  Amsterdam  Accessible harbours
1989  Amsterdam  Aggregate dredging
1988  Hamburg  Environmentally acceptable methods of dredging
1987  Amsterdam  Dredging aspects of immersed tube tunnels and trenching
1985  Amsterdam  Electric and hydraulic drives onboard dredging equipment
1983  Amsterdam  Instrumentation and control of dredging processes
1980  Amsterdam  Suppliers to the dredging industry


Last update: 13 December 2021