CEDA-RSHU Sessions on Dredging

Coastal Conference Information

3-4 October 2012, Tuapse, Russia.

On behalf of the «Sea Coasts» Working Group of the RAS Council on World Ocean and the  Russian  State  Hydrometeorological  University  (RSHU),  the  Organizing Committee  of  the RSHU  Branch  in  Tuapse,  the Krasnodarskiy  region  would  like  to welcome  you and  your  colleagues  to the XXIV International Coastal Conference «Sea Coasts - Evolution, Ecology, Economy» devoted to the 60th anniversary of the "Sea Coasts" Working Group of RAS Council. The Conference will take place from 1-6 October 2012 and will include the two-day joint CEDA-RSHU session on dredging. 

Main topics of the Conference 

  • Hydro-, morpho- and lithodynamics of sea coasts and adjacent waters
  • Ecological sensitivity of coastal area: human-induced/anthropogenic pressure
  • Construction and exploitation of hydraulic  engineering's and dredging works
    in the coastal area
  • Approaches and questions of management and monitoring  carrying of  coastal
  • Sustainable  use  of coastal  resources:  management  practices  and  effective
  • Education in coastal science.


The official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Organizing Committee


  • Leonid A. Zhindarev, Prof., Moscow State University, Chairman of the «Sea Coasts»
    Working Group;
  • Ervant  A. Yaily, Prof,  rector's consultant, Russian  State  Hydrometeorological  Uni-

Deputy Chairmen

  • George G. Gogoberidze, Prof., principal research  scientist, Russian  State  Hydrome-
    teorological University
  • Mikhael  S. Arakelov, Dr., Branch of Russian State  Hydrometeorological University
    in Tuapse

Scientific Secretary

  • Svetlana A. Luk'anova, Dr., leading researcher, Moscow State University.

Technical Secretary

  • Julia A. Lednova, assistant, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. 
  • Brovko  Petr, Prof., Far Eastern  Federal  University  (FEFU), School  of  the  Environ-
    mental Science, science supervisor of the Coastal research center of
    the FEFU (Russia);
  • Bruzzi Luigi, Prof., University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Chubarenko Boris, Dr., Atlantic  Branch of the P.P.  Shirshov Institute of Oceanolo-
    gy, RAS (Russia)
  • Ernsteins Raimonds, Prof., University of Latvia (Latvia)
  • Ignatov Evgeny, Prof., Moscow State University (Russia)
  • Karlin Lev, Prof., Rector, Russian State Hydrometeorological University
  • Khabidov  Alexander,  Prof.,  Institute  for  Water  and  Environmental  Problems,        
    SB RAS (Russia)
  • Kosyan  Ruben, Prof., South  Branch  of  the  P.P.  Shirshov  Institute  of  Oceanology,
    RAS (Russia)
  • Leontyev Igor, Prof., P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS (Russia)
  • Magoon Orville, Prof., Chair of American Shore and Beach Preservation Association
    (ASBPA), president of the Coastal Zone Foundation (USA)
  • Orviku Kaarel, Prof., Merin Ltd. (Estonia)
  • Safyanov Gennagy, Prof., Moscow State University (Russia)
  • Shilin  Mikhail,  Prof.,  Ecological  Commission  of  the  Central  Dredging  Association
    (CEDA) (Russia)
  • Shuysky Yury, Prof., Odessa National University (Ukraine)
  • Spiridonov  Mikhail,  Prof.,  Karpinsky  Russian  Geological  Research  Institute,
    VSEGEI (Russia)
  • Temirov Denilbek, Prof., Branch of Russian State Hydrometeorological University in
    Tuapse (Russia)
  • Yaily  Dmitry,  Dr.,  Branch  of  Russian  State  Hydrometeorological  University  in    
    Tuapse (Russia)
  • Zaromskis Rimas, Prof., University of Vilnius (Lithuania). 

Last update: 8 March 2012