CEDA Dredging Days 2019

Dredging Days

Call for Papers

7-8 November 2019. Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Dredging, as an industry, moves ever forward. There have been big technological steps that have taken the industry beyond what was previously thought to be its operational limits. However, expectations are high and there will always be challenges to address.

CEDA Dredging Days 2019 is the ideal platform for members of the dredging community, experts from port authorities, knowledge institutes, universities, engineering consultants, government agencies, dredging contractors and manufacturers, to present their new results, achievements, and ongoing projects.

Abstracts presenting both practical applications, as well as applied and academic research, are encouraged on advancements in equipment, processes, tools, methodology and contracting. Sample topics include:

  • Reduced effects on the environment
  • Use of nature-based solutions
  • Capabilities of dredging deeper in harder soils, harsher conditions, or restricted spaces
  • Improvements in dredged material management
  • Use of dredging know-how in new industries (e.g. deep-sea mining)
  • Improved contractual arrangements to benefit all parties
  • Cost-efficiency

The above lists are not exhaustive. They are taken from the ongoing work of CEDA’s Dredging Management Commission on the advances in dredging technology, measuring existing technological developments against the needs of the project owner. In addition, topics that challenge the current reality, against near-future expectations, to deduce what will, and will not, be possible for future dredging projects, will be of particular interest.

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