CEDA - MSI International Seminar

Dredging and the Environment


15 - 16 October 2008, Tallinn, Estonia

Marine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology (MSI) is a science and development organization performing basic and applied research of physical (mainly hydrodynamic) and biogeochemical processes of the Baltic Sea using systematic approach and modeling in the context of atmospheric, terrestrial and anthropogenic interactions. The main topics are water and material exchange in the Baltic Sea, changes in structure and state of the pelagic ecosystem, coastal sea dynamics and optics in the context of climate change. Based on the main research topics institute is conducting scientific research and applied sea studies. Operational monitoring and prognosis of sea level, oil pollution propagation and blue-green algae blooms are performed. Different projects are dealing with environmental impacts of land-based pollution and dredging, ice conditions, remote sensing etc. Institute is conducting teaching at master and doctorate programs in oceanography. www.msi.ttu.ee

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is an international professional association for all those involved in dredging related activities and who live or work in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. CEDA provides an independent forum for the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, maritime construction and dredged material management. Members are drawn from many fields and include consultants, research and educational institutes, port authorities, government agencies, dredging contractors, builders of dredging vessels, and suppliers of ancillary equipment. CEDA encompasses a wide range of disciplines and activities and does not represent the interests of any particular industry sector.  www.dredging.org

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